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When you feel like spinning your wheels and going nowhere, it mean that there something prohibiting you from making progress. You will experience the energy flow within your body and where you feel the energy become blocked. This workshop will help understand what is between you and progress and assist you in the transformation process through meditations and regressions.
Workshop participants have described their meditation and regression experiences as being greatly enhanced and magnified by the unique and powerful energy of Copan and particularly the area of Hacienda San Lucas. Many people have experienced San Lucas as a kind of energy portal or vortex, a "thin place" where the divine feels more accessible.

Who should attend?
Anyone who has not yet experienced a workshop in Copan and is ready to experience whatever it is you need to learn right now. Life lessons seem to be more immediate and more obvious in this environment and personal growth is inevitable.

Workshop dates are February 24-27, 2007 (arrive on Feb. 23rd, depart when you prefer depending on what else you want to see in the area.)

Hacienda San Lucas, Copan Ruinas,Honduras (

How Much?
Workshop Fee: $400
Food and Accommodations
  Double Occupancy: $375 (5 days) additional days $75 per day.
  Single Occupancy: $525 (5 days) additional days $105 per day.
Airfare is not included (typically costs $500 to $700)
Transportation from airport: $15 by bus or split driver fee as a group (ranges depending on number of passengers. $20 to $40.)
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Sky's Testimonial
There are two main reasons I attend Ania's weekend workshops. Well, maybe three.