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There are two main reasons I attend Ania's weekend workshops. Well, maybe three.

The first is that her healing technique has worked for me in physical and emotional healings. I had tremendous back pain after my aortic aneurysm surgery, which the pain medication was not helping much. Ania told me after the session with her that the work she did should take effect in about 3 days--and it did! About 90% of the pain was gone! I still have a little pain, but have been totally off the pain medication since then.

There have been some huge emotional changes also. I have had very poor relations with my birth family for many years. This last year I was informed that my brother is dying of cancer. After a session with Ania, I was able to go visit him, tell him goodbye, and honestly tell him I love him. I am 56 years old and that is the first time I can remember ever being able to say that to any male member of my family.

I wanted more of these experiences; more healing, more personal growth.

I also wanted to see if I could learn to sense these energy movements that I hear so many people talk about feeling. Things like being at 5 Rhythms Dance and hearing the instructor say "feel the connection with your partner," and I felt nothing. For several years I almost thought this was just senseless chatter, because I felt nothing. I found it aggravating.

I can honestly say that I have gotten all that I wanted from the weekends I have spent at workshops in Ania's wonderful country home, and more. I have to mention the joy of seeing deer out the back, wild turkeys out front, squirrels and birds all over. The wildlife comes right up to her door.

I have had amazing revelations of why I do some of my behaviors, and changes in some of those behaviors. More physical healing, more emotional healing, and yes now I can feel the energy. Now when the Dance instructor says "feel the connection with your partner," I can feel it. Not always, but often.

Also, I have even been able to use the Isedo technique I learned at Ania's to help my wife, relieving some physical pain she was having. I found that totally amazing.

I, like many others, keep going back for more!

Sky Delight

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Dean's Testimonial
Ania has developed an extremely effective one-on-one and group meditation approach. I have used them, and strongly recommend them.

Dean Shrock, Ph.D.
Psychologist and author of DOCTOR'S ORDERS: GO FISHING